What does more money mean for the Global Fund? |

Extraordinary Work

The Global Fund has a history of doing extraordinary work: Few investments have had the impact that the Global Fund has in saving lives, preventing infections and creating strong and resilient health systems. We are at a critical moment where the minimum will not be enough to prevent us from sliding back.

Get Back on Track

GFAN has argued for the past year that increased investments in the Global Fund are critical to get back on track, meet sustainable development goals and to end the epidemics by 2030.  Without increased investment we could see resurgences of the 3 diseases, impacting the lives and health of millions.  The need for a Replenishment of at least US$18 billion for the Global Fund in October is a critical first step

But how do we get there? 

If governments, the private sector and foundations around the world stepped up the fight – we could see the end to the epidemics.   Every additional $100 million invested means lives saved.  Our breakdown below shows the power of every dollar. 

Making the Case in the United States

Our Friends at Friends of the Global Fight shared this fantastic graphic (below) on what just over double $100 million might mean for health and ending the 3 epidemics.  Their call to the US Congress was for a $210 million increase in each of three years of the US pledge to the Global Fund.  For more details on their campaign and efforts please visit:

A Smart Investment

The Global Fund has a strong record of achieving effective and accountable results with donor funding, making it one of the smartest investments that can be made in global health.

A strong investment in the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment is critical to getting us back on track and ending the epidemics. We need to increase the Fund and step up the fight.