WACI Health & GFAN Africa meet with PEPFAR |

On 18 June 2019, together with WACI Health, GFAN Africa met Dr Tamu Daniels the Country Coordinator of PEPFAR in Kenya and to Dr Dan Koros the Global Fund Liaison and presented to them a letter urging the US to make an early & increased pledged for a successful 6th replenishment of the Global Fund to save 16 million lives over the next three years.

In a brief and extremely cordial conversation, Dr Tamu emphasized that the US Government is deeply committed health in Kenya. This is visible in the huge investment of millions of dollars which have improved access to affordable and quality healthcare for millions of citizens.

She added that the focus on health is long-term with a vision of achieving SDG 3 on the health and wellbeing for all by 2030.