Update on Search for GFAN Host Organization: Launch of Request for Proposals (RFP) |

In September 2020, Global Fund Advocates Network initiated a process to find a new host organization for GFAN given the imminent closure of GFAN’s founding host organization since 2011, International Civil Society Support (ICSS).

Our preference is to maintain a high level of management autonomy and a high level of staff accountability to our global network. At the same time, we aim to benefit from any strengths of a host organization’s structures for human resource management and support.

Given these primary considerations, GFAN determined that the best course of action was to leverage a temporary bridging mechanism hosted at the New Venture Fund (a US-based 501c charity that GFAN has a long-standing working relationship with) where we have now been hosted since October 15th – and initiate a formal process for searching and selecting a new host organization for GFAN.

Over these past weeks, the GFAN Steering Committee and other key allies, partners and funders validated the process we developed which includes a public Request for Proposals.

The first step has been to create an interim Advisory Committee composed of current GFAN members as well as our temporary home organization in voting positions and our existing funders in non-voting positions to help guide us through this process and perform critical functions to review and validate criteria for selecting our new host. The interim Advisory Committee has reviewed and fed into the process to determine the criteria and questions that you will see in the Request for Proposals package and will be reviewing information and participating in the process of selecting a host organization.

If your organization is interested in applying to become GFAN’s permanent home organization, you are invited to contact Sam Avrett of the Fremont Center who is supporting GFAN in this process at sam at  to request a full RFP package which includes additional information to inform potential hosts about GFAN’s work will be provided.

The deadline for applications through the RFP process is January 17th 2021.