The Pandemic Preparedness Fund – PPPR FIF

A Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response Financial Intermediary Fund (PPPR FIF) has been under discussion for close to a year and gained significant traction. In October 2021, the G20 released a Communiqué in October 2021, indicating the support of G20 member states, and in particular of the  2021 & 2022 Presidencies (Italy and Indonesia respectively). In April 2022, the World Bank was flagged by the G20 Finance and Central Bank Governors as the preferred “home” for such an instrument and in mid-May, invited commentary to a White Paper.

To date, close to USD 1 billion have been committed to the PPPR FIF for 2022, and the US Presidents Budget Request for the fiscal year 2023 contains an ask for a further USD 4.75 billion in 2023. The on-going financial need is expected to be in the USD 10 billion per year range, with an initial request of 5 years of stable funding needed to ensure the success of the PPPR FIF.  

Understanding how the PPPR FIF would be established, what role it could play for the Global Fund and the communities it serves (represented by communities and civil society organisations) is critical to understanding the future of Global Fund funding in the evolving global health architecture.

Find here our full backgrounder on the World Bank’s PPPR FIF

Resources and Publications

Following the World Bank Directors’ Meeting, the world bank released a FIF fact sheet

Civil Society Inclusion in a New Financial Intermediary Fund: Lessons from Current Multilateral Initiatives – Paper published in Global Health Policy on June 21st 2022 by Jennifer Kates, Josh Michaud and Mike Isbell

Communities and Civil Society Inputs to the World Bank White Paper