Tools and Resources for the Results Report and UNGA |

As we push into the Last Mile before the Replenishment Conference in Lyon, in October, please find below some messaging and tools you can use to share the Global Fund’s Results Report during UNGA and beyond.

Results Report:

The Global Fund: You can find the Global Fund on Twitter @globalfund  & Facebook @theglobalfund
The Global Fund has Released their Results Report!  Here you can find the Global Fund Results Report documents and Social media tool kit.  The main hashtag is #StepUptheFight

GFAN: Please find some suggested social media posts that you can use to share the Global Fund’s Results Report:



  • Malaria rates have dropped 60% since 2000 – @GlobalFund report shows progress but with clear warning: malaria cases are on the rise, malaria still kills a child every 2 mins. We must invest to #stepupthefight and #getbackontrack or we risk resurgence –
  • 1yr after #TBHLM, @GlobalFund finds current efforts “not enough to bend the curve” BUT progress with GF program to find additional 1.5 mn missing #TB cases in 13 countries with @WHO and @StopTB found almost 1 mn by end ‘18 #stepupthefight #getbackontrack
  • NEW @GlobalFund Results Report: While focusing on ending the epidemics of #HIV, #TB and #Malaria, GF has become the largest multilateral funder of health systems investing USD$1billion ANNUALLY in building resilient, strengthened health systems for #UHC –


UHC2030: Our friends at CSEM have an online campaign in the lead up to the UNHLM calling for advocates to work together towards good health & well being for all.  They are asking advocates to support them on twitter in the week leading up to the HLM.  Find their campaign @UHC2030 on twitter.  And share their 7 day Twitter Storm campaign. Useful tags include:  #HealthForAll #HLMUHC #UHC #Asks4UHC

Support for Norway’s Pledge:  We are hopeful that with some additional pressure from advocates we may see an early pledge from Norway.  Erna Solberg the Prime Minister of Norway will be in New York for UNGA so please consider sharing over social media:

@erna_solberg & @NorwayMFA please consider an early pledge to the @globalfund!  With an increased pledge we can keep the momentum going and #StepUptheFight to #EndtheEpeidmics and save another #16millionlives!

GFAN: HEADED TO UNGA? SPEAKING WITH YOUR COUNTRY REPRESENTATIVES HEADED TO UNGA? REMINDER: If you are meeting with or talking to your country missions there are still several traditional non-implementing donor countries remaining to pledge that if you have the opportunity, it is always useful for short, friendly reminders to reinforce the key messages of replenishment and the importance of the upcoming Replenishment (or to ask your country representatives to do so in their meetings).

A very short table and quick sense of CS ask in the country:

Country CS Ask/Messaging
Australia 300 mn AUD or AU$3.85 pp – CS in Australia are focusing on the per capita instead of 15% increase language. Also, for every 1$ invested in the GF, the GF has invested $22 in their region
Norway 15% increase acceptable ask per Investment Case and Norway is assumed to be ready to make a pledge prior to Lyon
Sweden 15% increase acceptable ask per Investment Case and a pledge at Lyon is assumed
Denmark 15% increase acceptable ask per Investment Case and a pledge at Lyon is assumed
New Zealand CS ask unknown – 15% increase
Spain Despite a new election being called, Spanish advocates are pursuing a pledge from the interim government of 100mn EUR
Republic of Korea 15% increase acceptable ask per Investment Case and a pledge at Lyon is assumed

A few other countries remain to pledge but CS has indicated that external support would not be helpful at this stage so are not included in this list. This list does not include implementing donor countries – we would refer you to our colleagues in GFAN Africa and GFAN Asia-Pacific for any key messages with particular existing and potential new donors.

Replenishment Campaigns Needing Your Support and Additional GFAN Resources:

French Advocates:  Our French colleagues have also asked for support for their campaign targeting French President Emmanuel Macron.  You can find the second stage of their campaign on twitter at #CestVotreMissiooon   

Advocates from Spain:   It looks like Spain will be heading into another election this November.  Advocates have asked for GFAN support for their campaign asking Spain to join the fight!  Please follow the #EspañaSúmateALaLucha hashtag and support our colleagues! They have also translated the GFAN videos featuring Erika and Loyce into Spanish that you are welcome to share. 

GFAN Regional Partners:  GFAN Africa and GFAN Asia Pacific are working on the Heroes Give More campaign.  You can find their efforts by following @GFAN_Africa and @GFANAP and the hashtags:  #HealthForAll #Treatment4all #HeroesGiveMore 

From GFAN: We also have a number of social media tools that you can use and share to compliment your social media campaigns, help support other organizations campaigns or for you to use to share your own message of the critical importance of the Global Fund. Please use #GetBackonTrack and #EndtheEpidemics hashtags in support!  A few highlights – we have videos from both Loyce and Erika which we hope you will share widely.   And a few sharables that you can use: