The Global Fund’s Fight Against TB |

TB kills more people than any other infectious disease and is the leading killer of people living with HIV; about one in three deaths among people with HIV are due to TB.

The Global Fund provides 69% of all international financing for tuberculosis (10% of total available resources) and has disbursed US$6.6 billion for TB programs and US$2.1 for TB/ HIV programs as of June 2019. As the leading international funder of TB programs, the Global Fund is a critical partner in achieving the new targets set at the UN High-Level Meeting. 

See the results of these initiative and others in the fight against tuberculosis worldwide in the Global Fund’s Results Report 2019.

GFAN Speaker Timur Abdullaev shares his insights as an HIV+ person who received lifesaving tuberculosis treatment from a Global Fund program with participants of the RESULTS International Conference. He is confident that we can Step Up the Fight to eradicate tuberculosis by 2030.

In countries where the Global Fund invests, tuberculosis deaths (since the Global Fund was founded in 2002) have been reduced by nearly one-quarter. TB control measures have stopped the TB epidemic from expanding but current efforts are not enough to bend the curve of incidence sufficiently downward. Key challenges to progress are finding missing people with TB and the rise of drug-resistant TB, which negatively impact otherwise good results seen in high-burden countries. 

More information about the Global Fund’s implementation of tuberculosis funding, technology developments that are helping in the fight against TB, and other stories from those helped by the Global Fund’s programs can be found at the Global Fund.