Thank You GFAN Speakers! |

We want to take this opportunity to thank Timur, Clara, Anton, Erika, Mirriam, Rachel, Serge, Loyce, Maurine, Resty, and Marie Solange – the GFAN Speakers – who have shared their expertise, time, and resources and who supported efforts across the globe to advocate for a fully funded and effective Global Fund. 

We hope that everyone will join us in thanking the Speakers for their energy and willingness to support GFAN members in their advocacy, for taking leadership in their communities and regions and for sharing their personal stories and experiences over and over with new and different audiences.  Without their efforts and expertise, we do not believe that the last Global Fund replenishment would have been such a success.

As of July 1 2020 the memorandums of understanding came to end for our current Speakers and we will be starting the process of reconstituting the Speakers Bureau later this month, and we plan to reveal the new Speakers Bureau in the fall of this year. 

Please keep an eye out for the application in the coming weeks and we encourage you to share that application with those whom you think might be a good fit.  Of course, we are also encouraging all our Speakers to apply again as well! 

Thank you again to all our Speakers, it has been an honour and a privilege to work with you.