Video: The Global Reach of TB and the Stereotypes that Impact People |

GFAN members Friends of the Global Fund Europe and Osservatorio AiDS, together with AIDOS, and the theatre company Bluestocking, launched, last month, for World TB Day a short video highlighting the most common stereotypes on TB in Italy.

The video uses ironic messages to shape the audiences’ understanding of the portrayed clichés and highlight the critical role of the Global Fund in addressing the global reach of TB.

Many of the stereotypes portrayed in the video are common in other countries and they wanted to share a version with English subtitles of their video.

The video was initially launched in Italy on World TB Day.  They have produced a similar video on HIV/AIDS which can be found below.

A similar video on Malaria will be released later this month.

The videos are part of a joint information campaign to make the Global Fund better known in Italy ahead of the next replenishment.

For more details and the original Italian versions please visit:

TB video:

HIV/AIDS video:

English version: