TB HLM 2023 Affected Communities and Civil Society Coordination Hub

The 2023 United Nations High-Level Meeting (UN HLM) on Tuberculosis is fast approaching, and we are pleased to announce that the date has been fixed for 22 September 2023. As a part of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the HLM will take place in New York, bringing together global leaders, policymakers, affected communities, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to accelerate progress towards ending the TB epidemic. The multistakeholder hearing on Tuberculosis took place on  8 May 2023.

We invite you to stay up-to-date with the latest information and developments on this historic event through this page. Together, let us ensure that the voices and priorities of affected communities and civil society are heard and reflected in the outcomes of this critical meeting!

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  1. Use our Zero Draft Influencing Toolkit - The Zero Draft of the Political Declaration on TB was released to Member States on May 15th. There is consensus in our community that its contents are lacking in the ambition, urgency, and concrete commitments needed to drive progress in the fight against the disease. Take action now by using our zero draft influencing toolkit, which guides you through letting influencers from your nation know what key essentials need to be reflected in the declaration and how we as a community view the zero draft - and comes with a handy social media toolkit to make some noise this week ahead of the first round of in person negotiations.
  2. Sign our open letter to the President of the General Assembly calling for faster confirmation for HLM registration, and to allow for individuals to register. You can read the full letter here, and sign onto the letter here.
  3. Register now for the upcoming #2023TBHLM - We strongly encourage all stakeholders to promptly apply for participation. The deadline for registration is 19 June 2023. Note that the registration process is different than for the multi-stakeholder hearing, and more time-intensive. Currently the special accreditation is only open to organizations. You can find more information related to the special accreditation process, including the documents required, here.  
  4. Use our Key Target Outreach Toolkit to reach out to key targets, including your Head of State, Members of Parliament (MPs) and representatives for your nation at UN Missions. This is an important action to build relevant HLM relationships and put forward asks to them to support your engagement throughout the HLM process and ensure national leadership in the fight to end TB. In the toolkit you will find draft template letters for you to use for this purpose, each of which has a slightly different ask tailored for each target. We have also developed a nicely designed invitation letters to the HLM and global scorecard on 2018 targets for you to attach with your outreach (both are available in multiple languages in the toolkit).
  5. Find all you need to organize regional or national community consultations on the TBHLM in our toolkit. As you may have seen, the Deadly Divide 2.0 accountability report launched with key policy and advocacy asks coming from affected communities and civil society at the Stop TB Board meeting on March 25th. As the Deadly Divide key asks form the foundation for our key asks for the HLM, we must now start the work to localize them at national and regional levels. This is also an opportunity to further build and take action on a shared community advocacy strategy for the HLM. Please take action now by convening national and/or regional level consultations either in person or virtually by using this toolkit to get started.
  6. Use our master tracker to share intel from NYC Permanent Mission Meetings and other Country Level Meetings for Political Declaration Advocacy.

Meet the Leadership Group!

We are pleased to announce the newly instated Leadership Group for the TB HLM 2023 Affected Communities and Civil Society Coordination Hub. This group brings together individuals from all six regions of the world and includes participation from strategic partners, representing a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. Their leadership will be instrumental in advancing the goals of the Coordination Hub, and we are excited to have them on board. Read on to learn more about each member of the group and their unique contributions to the fight against TB.



Meet the Team!

The TB HLM 2023 Affected Communities and Civil Society Coordination Hub has been set-up to facilitate and support the work of affected communities and civil society to ensure meaningful engagement at all levels. We have brought on two lead consultants to support the work of the hub: Robyn Christine Waite and Priyanka Aiyer.

Dr. Robyn Christine Waite


Dr. Robyn Christine Waite (She/Her) is currently working as an independent consultant and squarely focusing her efforts on applying community building, project management, research, and advocacy skills to the fight to end TB. Before setting out on her own, Robyn worked with Results Canada, where she started as a TB Campaigns Officer and grew into the role of Director of Policy and Advocacy. During her tenure, she played a leading role in building and coordinating a high-impact coalition of 14 Canadian based CSOs engaged in advocacy in support of the Global Fund's 7th Replenishment. She has also demonstrated initiative and commitment to the cause and community through successful efforts to reinvigorate the Stop TB Canada network, as well as support with driving the progress of a global initiative to capture the experience of the pandemic amongst key TB stakeholder groups. Dr. Waite holds a PhD in Development Studies from SOAS, University of London; a MSc in Global Health from McMaster University, a Graduate Diploma from the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment and Health; and a BSc in Health Promotion from Dalhousie University. When she isn't fighting for what counts, you can typically find her cat sitting, spending quality time with family, or outdoors doing something fun and active! 

Robyn can be reached at Robynchristinewaite@gmail.com and her Twitter handle is @WaiteRobyn.

Priyanka Aiyer


Priyanka Aiyer (She/Her) is a Communication Specialist with over 7 years of experience in designing and implementing multi-pronged campaigns at national, regional and global levels. Until recently she was working with the Global Coalition of TB Advocates as the Communications and Digital Media Officer where she worked with community members to provide hands-on training on communications and advocacy in addition to developing communication tools and ensuring meaningful community engagement at a global level. In 2023 she transitioned to an independent consultant's role. She continues to be a member of the GCTA and identifies as a person affected by TB. She is also the South-East Asia representative on the Union Community Advisory Panel.

Priyanka is the co-author of the Asia Pacific TB and Human Rights Advocacy Strategy, and she has curated the collection of survivor stories - Men and TB Stigma: Conversations of Resilience in The War Against TB. Priyanka holds a master's in film studies from Ambedkar University, India.

Priyanka can be reached at Priyanka.TBHLM@gmail.com and her Twitter handle is @PriyankaAiyer.


The #2023TBHLM Affected Communities and Civil Society Coordination Hub is hosted by the Global Fund Advocates Network and supported by the Stop TB Partnership.