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Guest Blog Post from our friends at GFAN Africa .

GFAN Africa joined in efforts to urge for the need to end malaria by organizing activities to mark World Malaria Day 2021, informed by this year’s theme Zero Malaria – drawn the line against malaria. On 22 April, Vuka an online show organized by WACI Health and hosted by Olayide Akanni invited Farhan Yusuf a pharmacist and youth leader for health to share his thoughts on progress made towards ending malaria and what actions should be taken to eliminate the disease. Farhan appreciated that immense efforts in resource allocation, research and community engagement have been made over the years that have contributed to progress towards ending malaria.

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Nearly half of the world’s population is at risk of malaria. However, Africa carries the highest burden. In 2019, the region was home to 94% of all malaria cases and deaths. The youngest are particularly affected. In many places, mosquito-borne infectious disease is one of the leading causes of death in children under five. But older children and adults are also hit hard by the disease: If they fall ill, they cannot go to school or work, miss education, or are unable to provide for their families. And Covid-19 has complicated things further. 

Mirriam Banda Chisamba from Zambia is familiar with this as well. In 2019 her home country reported 5 million cases of malaria. Though when Mirriam was a child she had malaria almost every year. “This had an impact on my education, because I would miss out on school for days, sometimes nearly a week,” she says. “Back then we had no bednets, no ra...

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I am Miranda Ekema Ndolo, I’m 25 years old and a nurse and youth activist. I have an amazing husband and lovely son who rock my world. I’m very passionate about health systems, services and policies and I have a particular interest working with communities especially communities that are dominated by adolescent girls and young women living with HIV. My work as an activist cuts across HIV, TB, and Malaria.

The Global Fund has given me a voice through the HER Voice Fund; to contribute to the SRHR and needs of AGYW and to lead community based responses to HIV on a Global scale.

Thanks to the Global Fund, Cameroon has been able to put in place programs meant to address barriers to HIV/ TB and Malaria services and also organize training for health care workers on human rights and medical ethics.

I am an advocate because I’m passionate about speaking and advocating ...

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In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic likely caused an additional 40-50,000 deaths from malaria that otherwise could have been prevented. If we do not act now to address the cause of these additional deaths and fight COVID-19 and malaria together, we will undoubtedly lose years of progress.

The Global Fund is providing guidance, tools and immediate funding of more than US$1 billion to help countries fight COVID-19, mitigate the impacts on lifesaving HIV, TB and malaria programs, and prevent fragile health systems from being overwhelmed, but they need more – $5 billion more.

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