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Publisher:  Results UK

This report aims to define what provision of TB services in “the context of progress towards UHC” looks like in practice, and to what extent the recognition of the codependency of achieving TB and UHC at international fora like the UN and WHO translates to action at ground level. It defines an essential set of services that would both help to make the TB response “universal” and help to make the TB response contribute to the achievement of UHC more broadly.

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Guest Blog Post by WAIC Health

Achieving  Universal Health Coverage  (UHC) and indeed the  Sustainable Development Goals  (SDGs) are goals that many countries in the African Region have adopted. While healthcare is a basic human right, likely to be accessible and affordable in developed nations, healthcare access remains beyond the reach of many individuals including women and children living in developing countries. UHC ensures that everyone, anywhere receives quality curative, promotive, preventive and rehabilitative health services they need without experiencing financial hardship.

A recent modelling exercise conducted by the WHO found that in order to achieve SDG 3 targets, a significant increase in funding would be needed. Using the  Chatham house  recommendations of government health expenditure per capita of at least $86 as a base, the amount per capita required to mak...

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