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Publisher: Policy Cures Research

The 2019 G-FINDER Report:  “[This] project has provided policy-makers, donors, researchers and industry with a comprehensive analysis of global investment into research and development (R&D) of new products to prevent, diagnose, control or cure neglected diseases in developing countries. It provides an up-to-date analysis of how R&D investments are being allocated across diseases and product types, funding trends over time, and where the potential gaps lie. This is the twelfth annual G-FINDER report, providing new data on investments made in financial
year 2018. In all, 262 organisations completed the survey for FY2018, which covered 36 neglected diseases and all relevant product types – drugs, vaccines, biologics, diagnostics, microbicides and vector control products (chemical and biological control agents, and reservoir targeted vaccines) – as well as basic research.”

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Publisher:  Stop TB

“This updated Global Plan to End TB 2018–2022 reflects the progress made over the last five years and is intended to support the achievement of the UNHLM commitments set for 2022. By implementing the Global Plan’s priority actions and mobilizing the needed funding, national governments and TB programmes, backed by stronger worldwide advocacy, can put us on track to end TB by 2030, in line with the SDGs.”

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Publisher:  Treatment Action Group

“TAG has tracked TB research and development (R&D) funding since 2005 as one way to evaluate progress on eliminating TB. In every year since then, annual investments have fallen far short of the widely accepted US$2 billion minimum funding target. At the United Nations High-Level Meeting on TB (HLM) in the fall of 2018, delegates endorsed a political declaration that contained a commitment to increase annual global TB research funding to US$2 billion. The data presented in this year’s report represent expenditures on TB research in fiscal year 2018 and provide the baseline against which we will measure states’ performance towards this US$2 billion annual target in the years to come.”


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Publisher:  World Health Organisation (WHO)

“The World Health Organization (WHO) has updated its guidance for the use of lateral flow urine lipoarabinomannan assay (LAM) in the diagnosis of tuberculosis (TB). Tests based on the detection of mycobacterial LAM antigen in urine have emerged as potential point-of-care tests for TB. The WHO Global TB Programme recommended the use of LF-LAM for the first time in 2015. Urinary LAM assays have shown greater sensitivity when used for the diagnosis of TB in people living with HIV. The sensitivity increases significantly in patients with lower CD4 cell counts. Following the new evidence, WHO is now recommending LF-LAM use to assist in diagnosis in a broader group of people, both in inpatient and outpatient settings.”

Source: Policy Update

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Publisher:  Results UK

This report aims to define what provision of TB services in “the context of progress towards UHC” looks like in practice, and to what extent the recognition of the codependency of achieving TB and UHC at international fora like the UN and WHO translates to action at ground level. It defines an essential set of services that would both help to make the TB response “universal” and help to make the TB response contribute to the achievement of UHC more broadly.

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TB kills more people than any other infectious disease and is the leading killer of people living with HIV; about one in three deaths among people with HIV are due to TB.

The Global Fund provides 69% of all international financing for tuberculosis (10% of total available resources) and has disbursed US$6.6 billion for TB programs and US$2.1 for TB/ HIV programs as of June 2019. As the leading international funder of TB programs, the Global Fund is a critical partner in achieving the new targets set at the UN High-Level Meeting. 

See the results of these initiative and others in the fight against tuberculosis worldwide in the Global Fund’s Results Report 2019 .

GFAN Speaker Timur Abdullaev shares his insights as an HIV+ person who received lifesaving tuberculosis treatment from a Global Fund program with participants of the RESULTS International Conference. He is confident that we can...

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