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Please find below a list of reports and other resources that came out in 2019.  If you see any reports missing please do let us know and we will update the list.

Please send any suggestions to Tara – Tara (at) icssupport.org. 

All of the resources listed below and those from previous years can also be found in our Resources section .


Addressing the structural drivers of HIV : A STRIVE synthesis Are monitoring and evaluation systems adequate to report the programmatic coverage of HIV services among key populations in countries? Beyond Fighting Disease : Effects of Aid from the Global Fund on Governance and Development Billions to Trillions – A Reality Check Blended Finance in the Poorest Countries : The need for a better approach D’une charge élevée à un fort impact : une riposte ciblée contre le paludisme <...
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Universal Health Coverage Day has been held every December 12 since 2014 and is a day to demand action. This year organizers are calling on governments around the world to keep their commitments made this fall at the UNHLM. The theme this year is Keep the Promise #HealthForAll by 2030.

Universal health coverage (UHC) ensures all people, everywhere, can get the quality health services they need without facing financial hardship. It is a fundamentally political goal, rooted in the right to health. It is also one of the smartest investments any country can make.


Show Your Support:

You can find the official toolkit here . Our Friends at CSEM have pulled together additional details on how you can get involved on UHC Day and you can find their resources here ...
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In advance of World AIDS Day on Sunday December 1, here are a number of resources you can use in your advocacy and on social media. 

Spotlight on HIV : Highlighting the critical need for increased funding Video & Photo Stories : Erika, Loyce, Serge & Clara Social Media : Sample posts for Twitter & Facebook Other Resources : Additional tools for your advocacy

Spotlight on HIV:

A resource with information on why investing in HIV is critical.

Spotlight on HIV Download

Video and Photo Stories:

The videos and photo stories below share the voices of our speakers.  Their stories highlight the successes of the Global Fund in saving lives but also the work that still needs to be done.

Video: Erika Castellanos – Belize
Erika shares her struggles accessing medical treat...

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GFAN Pre-Meeting

Members of civil society and communities gathered together on the morning of October 8 for a discussion, updates, and a Q&A with Global Fund Executive Director, Peter Sands. The meeting was hosted by GFAN and its Regional Partners from Africa and Asia-Pacific. Participants had an opportunity to gather as well as to look at last-minute messaging and preparations for the conference. We would like to give a special thank you to the Global Fund for providing this space for advocates and communities to meet.

As we push into the Last Mile before the Replenishment Conference in Lyon, in October, please find below some messaging and tools you can use to share the Global Fund’s Results Report during UNGA and beyond.

Results Report:

The Global Fund: You can find the Global Fund on Twitter @globalfund  & Facebook @theglobalfund
The Global Fund has Released their Results Report!  Here you can find the Global Fund Results Report documents and Social media tool kit .  The main hashtag is #StepUptheFight

GFAN: Please find some suggested social media posts that you can use to share the Global Fund’s Results Report:


@theGlobalFund Results Report: while great progress has and will be made, we are not yet on track to meet SDG3 of ending the epidemics by 2030. Governments need to #stepupthefight & #getbackontrack. That means investing at the 6th ...
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Today there remains a disproportionate impact of HIV, TB and malaria on women and girls. The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and malaria (the Global Fund) is the leading multilateral organisation investing in the three diseases. Since its creation in 2002 the Global Fund has helped to save 27 million lives and supported efforts to dismantle the gender and human rights barriers that fuel the three diseases.

It is the single most important mechanism for donors, recipient countries, civil society, the private sector and other stakeholders to unite in their response to these epidemics and has repeatedly proven to deliver high value for money.  To achieve a fully funded Global Fund that can deliver on closing that gap and working towards ending the epidemics, strong and ambitious pledges will be needed to reach and go beyond the $14 billion replenishment target.   GFAN believes we will need to reach an 18 billion target, 4 billion more than the Global Fund’s own rep...

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