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GFAN Speakers are advocates and volunteers who take time out of their extremely busy schedules to speak with people around the world about the importance of the Global Fund.  This week, GFAN Speaker Resty Nalwanga shares with us the work she does with young mothers in Kampala, Uganda and why the Global Fund is important to her.  Resty’s childhood had her shuffled around frequently between relatives as she struggled to be healthy.  She contracted TB twice and was diagnosed with HIV when she was a teenager.  During her illness, Resty started volunteering at local health centres and became involved in youth HIV advocacy work. 

Today, Resty’s work focusses on community sensitization and workshops on HIV and TB.  “So far my interventions with these community members shows there’s still limited information on tuberculosis and what happened to me when I was a kid still exists.  Mothers incorrectly administer medication to the chi...

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TB is the world’s most lethal infectious disease, with over 10 million new cases each year, an estimated 1.8 million deaths annually, and many more at risk for infection and illness.

Data now shows that the world will not meet the targets set to eliminate TB and funding must be substantially increased – from both international and domestic sources to get back on track and achieve the ambitious Global TB targets.

A significant increase for the Global Fund overall is needed and GFAN’s ask for the 6th Replenishment of the Global Fund is for between US$16.8 and 18 billion. Failure to reach this level of funding will have dramatic consequences in terms of achieving global goals and, the impact will be felt disproportionality by key populations.


What Happened at the HLM:

The UN High Level Meeting on TB on September 26th was a momentous and historic occasion that we as a community have never had befor...

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The biannual AIDS conference is an important event in our advocate community.  Everyone who attends has a different experience and comes away from the conference with a different perspective.  We asked some of our GFAN speakers who attended the conference to share their thoughts and experiences. 




Timur Abdullaev, Anton Basenko, Erika Castellanos, Serge Douomong Yotta, Maurine Murenga, and Resty Nalwanga all answered 6 questions and we are sharing their responses below.






Question 1:

How many days were you at the AIDS 2018 conference? Did you attend any meetings before the conference?

The number of days spent at the conference varied between 5 and 8 with several speakers also attending meetings before the conferen...

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GFAN Speaker Timur Abdullaev is human rights lawyer from Uzbekistan. He is a person living with HIV and a TB survivor, and he is a Board member of TBpeople, the global network of people affected by TB, as well as the Stop TB Partnership Coordinating Board.  He spoke at the Civil Society Hearing at the UN in New York on June 4th as an important step in the lead-up to the UN High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis.

Timur spoke at the UN at the beginning of June and outlined some of the biggest challenges we are facing in the fight against TB today: 

Every year, over 10 million people get sick with TB. Of them, 40 percent are “missed” by health systems – their TB is not diagnosed, meaning they receive no care or treatment, and their infection goes unreported. A large proportion of people infected with TB are “missed” due to the fact that historically, many TB programs are chronically disconnected from the human rights dimens...
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GFAN welcomes back five returning champions to our Speakers Bureau for 2017-2018: Clara Banya , Anton Basenko , Erika Castellanos , Loyce Maturu and Maurine Murenga .

Through the past two years, our champions have had the opportunity to develop their confidence in public speaking and to better understand advocacy in donor countries through Speakers Bureau tours. Some of them have also taken on new and challenging advocacy work on boards and in advisory roles. “I have always felt empowered in participating in these events through the Speakers Bureau. Each and every time has been different and unique,” Clara shares. “I have always been nervous but having much time to prepare and practice has helped to bring confidence in me. I’ve learned that government officials and decision-makers love to hear the positive impacts that their contribution to the Global Fund has had.” Recently, Clara was asked to be a part of another group of public speakers focused on children and HI...

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Each champion in our GFAN Speakers Bureau dedicates themselves in their work to advocating for the health of their respective communities. For some, this focus developed as a result of personally contracting HIV and/or tuberculosis; for a few of our champions, however, it was a result of seeing how the three epidemics affected the communities in which they are a part of.

Mirriam Banda Chisamba is the primary health care provider, midwife, nurse, administrator, counsellor and health champion to 15,000 people in her region in eastern Zambia at Kafumbwe Rural Health Centre, 600km from the capital, Lusaka. “Malaria has caused havoc with my nation’s health. In my own career, I have memories of women and children dying of malaria on hospital beds. Some even died in the queue as they waited to be attended to by the doctor. Six years ago, I almost lost my daughter to malaria,” Mirriam remembers. “But Zambia is an amazing success story. In just a few years, we have reduced the...

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