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Attendees celebrate the Dutch Postcode Lottery donation to the Global Fund

Over 60 advocates and partners were invited to attend this year’s annual GFAN strategy meeting in Amsterdam from 26-28 January 2016. Representatives were present from key donor country advocacy organizations, including grantees of the New Venture Fund for Global Fund Advocacy, GFAN’s Steering Committee, GFAN’s regional hubs in Africa and Asia-Pacific, Global Fund Board civil society delegations, grantors and the Global Fund Secretariat and its technical partners.

During the first day of this three day meeting, discussions focused on the recent global plans and strategies for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, including their impact on the Global Fund replenishment, and the highlights of and how to use the Global Fund’s Investment Case. Christoph Benn, Director of External Affairs at the Global Fund, presented the top-line messages from the Investment Case replenishment target and provi...

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Below is an open letter sent on 15 October 2015 to the Board and Executive Director of the Global Fund.  Signed by more than 270 civil society organisations from all over the world , it calls on the Global Fund to commit to an ambitious funding request for the 5th Replenishment to accelerate the end of the epidemics by 2030.

Mark Dybul responded soon after the letter was received, saying:

Thanks very much. We appreciate the commitment of all those who signed to an ambitious global effort to end the epidemics and, in particular, your support of the global fund. The office of board affairs will share your letter with the board leadership and request approval to share it with the board and constituencies as you have suggested.

The full letter and signatories are below.

Subject: Funding target of the 5th Replenishment of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

The ...

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GFAN Meeting – 5th Replenishment Strategy
Leeuwenhorst, the Netherlands
May 20-21, 2015

In May, the GFAN Secretariat brought together a small group of GFAN members including the GFAN Steering Committee and representatives from the Global Fund Secretariat and Gates Foundation for a two-day meeting to discuss key policies and issues and campaigning for the Global Fund replenishment resource mobilization strategy. The aim was to begin to identify mechanisms, tools and resources needed to mobilize, communicate and coordinate among the GFAN community and that would help us move forward with a plan.

As Joanne Carter, GFAN’s Steering Committee chair, said in her opening thoughts to the meeting, “Many folks have said that this will be a difficult replenishment, but when we look back to where we were a dozen years ago, we know we’ve faced bigger challenges previously, when we were f...

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Publisher: GFAN

Cost of Inaction: A report on how inadequate investment in the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria will affect millions of lives

This report, released in September 2013, makes the case for world leaders to fully replenish the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

The report adds to recent research in the New England Journal of Medicine and other publications indicating that, with adequate investments, the global community can defeat these three infectious diseases and relieve tremendous suffering around the world.

The new report also explains the cost of inaction, and the tremendous losses that may be caused if the fight against these three deadly diseases if funding is not secured.

English report French version Press Release from launch Transcript from the launch Key Messages

Audio Recording of launch

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