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The Global Fund has a history of doing extraordinary work: few investments have had the impact that the Global Fund has in saving lives, preventing infections and creating strong and resilient health systems. The Global Fund’s Investment Case outlines the absolute minimum level of investment needed to address HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria over the next 3 years when in fact, we are at a critical moment where the minimum may not be enough to prevent us from sliding back.

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Publisher: GFAN

The purpose of this report is to highlight the important work being done by the Global Fund to address the specific needs faced by key populations around the world who are disproportionately affected by TB, and how we risk losing the immense strides we have made against the disease if we do not fully fund the Global Fund.

Each year, approximately 10.4 million people develop active TB disease. About 4 million (40%) of them go undetected or unreported. Many of the “missing 4 million” are among key, vulnerable or underserved populations. These key populations include prisoners, mineworkers, people living with HIV (PLHIV), healthcare workers, children, displaced people, migrants, ethnic minorities, indigenous populations, the urban poor, the elderly, and people who use drugs. Key Populations are confronted by social, legal and economic disparities that contribute to neglect ...

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Publisher:  GFAN

Ending the three epidemics is possible.
But there is a warning. Significant
increases in international funding are
needed, immediately, if the global goal to
end the three epidemics is to be met.

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