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On 5 September 2019,  GFAN Africa and  WACI Health joined in an event organized by The Global Fund and Goodbye Malaria in Cape Town:  Step up The Fight: How African Private Sector Will Help End AIDS, TB and Malaria by 2030.

After years of remarkable progress in the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria, new threats have slowed progress and enabled the three diseases to gain ground. With its capacity for innovation and collaboration, the private sector in Africa plays a crucial role in stepping up the fight to end these epidemics. 

Carol Kachenga of GFAN Africa speaks in the panel session

This high-level event was attended by South Africa’s and Namibia’s Ministers for Health and emphasized the important role of partnerships with the private sector in ending HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria in addition to drivingeconomic growth. Partnerships like th...

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On 4 September, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum for Africa, WACI Health, GFAN Africa, the Global Fund and partners in South Africa hosted young women from South Africa and had conversations with experts on empowering young women. This is because young women must overcome barriers that hold them back and increase their vulnerability to HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. Only when they are empowered can they #stepupthefight.

In the format of panel discussions and a world café, discussants beamed the spotlight on the status of young women and HIV in Africa, stepping up opportunities for young women at the work place and increasing young women’s access to business, work, and education opportunities.

There were discussions on the vulnerabilities of young women towards HIV; the grim situation in the years when there was no treatment, and the progress made so far, es...

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Together with WACI Health and AHF Kenya, GFAN Africa visited the Embassy of Japan in Kenya , met His Excellency Ambassador Ryoichi Horie and thanked him for Japan’s early & increased pledge of $840 million for the 6th replenishment of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria . Explaining that the contribution by Japan will save millions of lives, Dr Kinyanjui the Executive Director of AHF Kenya said that Japan is commendable for global health leaderships. This contribution will help save 16 million lives and get us closer to achieving SDG3 on the health and wellbeing of all.

H E Ambassador Horie re-stated Japan’s interest and commitment to global health adding that Japan collaborates with the Government of Kenya and countries in the region in health. He mentioned that health will be one of the areas of focus during the upcoming TICAD 7 meeting in Yokohama on 28th August 2019.

Thank you Japan!

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On 18 July 2019, GFAN Africa wrote a letter to The Netherlands, urging them to #stepupthefight. In the letter, GFAN Africa noted with gratitude, that since 2001 until the 5th Replenishment, the Netherlands has contributed significantly towards the global goals to end the epidemics of HIV, TB, and Malaria.

On 31 July, GFAN Africa wrote letters to Finland’s Minister for Social Affairs and Health, Aino-Kaisa Pekonen, and Minister of Development for Cooperation and Foreign Trade, Ville Skinnari. In the letters sent to them directly as well as copies sent through Consulates and High Commissions in countries across Africa, GFAN Africa acknowledged Finland’s support of the Global Fund since 2002.

Finland and the Global Fund

In 2002, Finland joined hands with other governments, the private sector, civil society, and people affected by HIV, TB, and Malaria to form the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Finland has been a strong supporter of the Global Fund. Since 2002, Finland has contributed €25M to support the work the Global Fund does to promote universal health coverage, maternal and newborn health, the education of women and girls...

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