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Publisher: ATHENA

This paper examines a series of opportunities for strengthening women’s engagement with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and proposes solutions that work from local to global.

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Publisher: The Global Fund

The Community, Rights and Gender (CRG) Department at the Global Fund technical assistance program is now ready to receive requests for support from communities and civil society across the Global Fund Portfolio. The program is one of a number of special initiatives aimed at strengthening community and civil society engagement in country dialogue and concept note development processes, and to ensure Global Fund supported programs are more effectively responding to their priorities.

Attached is a brief overview of the program. It aims to provide clarity on the purpose, scope and parameters of the program as well as the process for requesting CRG technical assistance. It has been kept purposefully short and simple.

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Publisher: International Community of Women Living with HIV & AIDS Eastern Africa

The study has found out that to a large extent, organisations of women living with HIV and women’s rights organisations are not adequately accessing funding particularly organisations dealing with human rights and advocacy. Although a total of 1,109 billion Uganda shillings (586.6 million USD) and 1,167 billion shillings (579.7 million USD) were spent on HIV and AIDS in 2008/9 and 2009/10 respectively, increased funding nationally did not match with access by women organisations.

It was also noted that since women constitute a big proportion of Uganda’s population (50%) and that HIV prevalence is higher among women than among men, the increasing HIV prevalence and incidence rates in the country imply an increasing impact of the epidemic on women. This can be partly associated with disproportionate allocation of resources to women.

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In 2008, the Board of the Global Fund adopted the Gender Equality Strategy. In line with the Global Fund Strategy 2012-2016: Investing for Impact, the implementation of the Gender Equality Strategy will focus on achieving strategic, high-impact, gender-responsive investments that will save lives and
prevent new infections.

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Publisher: World Vision International

This paper offers a guide to Global Fund-programme implementers to optimally utilise existing opportunities in Global Fund-supported country programmes to maximise MNCH outcomes. It examines each stage in the lifecycle and provides, as an annex, a menu of interventions within programmes for the three diseases to address ways in which these diseases affect MNCH outcomes, along with MNCH interventions that can be added on to disease-specific interventions of Global Fund-supported programmes. It also presents an array of linkages and actions from national health systems to community levels that, together, can effectively deliver the range of MNCH interventions within disease programmes, with particular attention to organisational “preparedness” of health systems, to enable integrated service delivery.

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The Gender Equality Strategy explores how the Global Fund can encourage a positive bias in funding towards programs and activities that address gender inequalities and strengthen the response for women and girls.

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