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The Global Fund Strategy 2012-2016 defines the organization‟s aspirations and strategic actions for contributing to the collective fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. It defines how the Global Fund will aim to accelerate progress, build on past successes and investments, and evolve to address challenges and seize opportunities – how it will “invest for impact”.

Review of HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria landscape
Summary report from the consultations
Background information on goals and targets

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Publisher: GFAN

A letter protesting the cancellation of Round 11 of the Global Fund. The final letter sent to the Global Fund Board at the end of 2011 was signed by 215 organizations worldwide.

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Publisher:  Journal of the International AIDS Society , 2011 14:51

This article assesses how the Global Fund’s investments in HIV programmes were targeted to key populations in relation to disease burden and national income. There has been a sustained scale up of the Global Fund’s HIV support. Funding has targeted the countries and populations with higher HIV burden and lower income. Prevention in most-at-risk populations is not adequately prioritized in most of the recipient countries. The Global Fund Board has recently modified eligibility and prioritization criteria to better target most-at-risk populations in Round 10 and beyond. More guidance is being provided for Round 11 to strategically focus demand for Global Fund financing in the present resource-constrained environment.

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The Donor Report Cards and its report focuses on the accountability of major donors to the Global Fund by bringing together civil society advocates’ evaluation of past performance of the governments in their respective countries (for 2008-2010) and the contributions asked from these governments for 2011-2013 in the context of the 3rd Replenishment Process of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The Donor Report Card per country can be found here:

Overview & Conclusions
Australia (A1 pdf)
Australia (A4 jpeg)
Austria (A1 pdf)
Austria (A4 jpeg)
Canada (A1 pdf)
Canada (A4 jpeg)
Denmark (A1 pdf)
Denmark (A4 jpeg)
Germany (A1 pdf)
Germany (A4 jpeg)
Italy (A1 pdf)
Italy (A4 jpeg)
Japan (A1 pdf)
Japan (A4 jpeg)
Russia (A1 pdf)
Russia (A4 jpeg)
Spain (A1 pdf)
Spain (A4 jpeg)
The Netherlands (A1 pdf)...

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This update begins with an explanation of current trends in development assistance for health (DAH) and the role that these external resources play in the total expenditure on health in low- and middle-income countries. It examines progress in 52 African countries and a sample of 20 non-African middle-income countries.

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The Global Fund Secretariat welcomed the Five-Year Evaluation as an opportunity for reflection and learning, and, as requested, presented a management response to the Board at the 20th Board Meeting in November 2009 . The response includes time-bound actions responding to the five overarching recommendations.

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