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On December 8th 2014, advocates in several European countries coordinated a Day of Action for the Robin Hood Tax campaign. Each country staged outdoor events to encourage European leaders to support a Europe-wide financial transaction tax.

Projection on Germany Chancellory
(© Mike Auerbach). On the European Day of Action, the German Campaign (Steuer Gegen Armut) asks Angela Merkel whether she will take the sides of the banks or citizens.

Sending a message in Spain
(© Guillermo Gumiel). A projection on the Spanish Parliament building. Where Europe’s leaders stand on the FTT: Behind bankers? Or citizens?

Projection in Paris
(© Charles Germaneau). Before European finance ministers meet tomorrow, the French campaign have projected a message on their national stock exchange. Targeted at President Francois Hollande, we want to know ...

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It’s official: the Robin Hood Tax is the most popular tax in the world. Over a million actions have been taken calling for this tiny tax on financial transactions: to help protect public services and fight poverty and climate change, at home and abroad.

Thank you to all the GFAN members that signed the petition!

Presented to decision-makers across European capitals, the Million Strong petition is the latest initiative from the growing global campaign for financial transactions taxes. The call was targeted at the leaders and finance ministers of eleven European countries (including France and Germany) currently negotiating to introduce their own Robin Hood Taxes.

With the talks soon coming to a close, we’re urging these leaders to stay strong in the face of sustained lobbying from a financial sector keen to dilute the proposal. We know that the Robin Hood Tax is a great way to ensure that the financial sector pays ...

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Many thanks to Salud por Derecho for creating these infographics!


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Written by Sophie Baillon, Coalition PLUS

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, UNAIDS and other prominent experts agree: the Robin Hood Tax is our most important means right now to aggressively scale up life-saving prevention and treatment services and to accelerate the end AIDS, TB and malaria as epidemics.

With the Robin Hood Tax’s ability to generate billions of dollars in additional funding, a significant portion could offer a massive increase of support to HIV, malaria and tuberculosis prevention, treatment and care, in conjunction with other priorities such as fighting climate change and boosting employment at home.

Ending these three diseases will take partnership, but, Khalil Elouardighi of Coalition PLUS – a coalition of organizations fighting against AIDS and for the rights of people living with HIV – argues, “The financial industry has refused to do its part so far. The Robin Hood Tax wou...

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The ROBIN HOOD TAX could fund the Global Fund’s gap of US$2.5 billion.

We need everyone who supports the Global Fund all around the world to demand that European leaders introduce a wide-ranging Robin Hood Tax and include the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in its allocation.

Add your voice and invite colleagues, friends and family to do the same: SIGN HERE

There is much to play for – an ambitious outcome will maximise chances of serious money for health, particularly for the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

The Million Strong Campaign needs 200,000 more sign-ons to reach their goal of 1 million signatures.

Signing the petition and showing the leaders of these countries how much people care could make a real difference to the eventual result!

What can you do?

    SIGN NOW at ...
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AIDES/Amis de la Terre/ATTAC/Coalition PLUS/Coordination Sud/ Oxfam France

Open letter to Michel Sapin

( read the op-ed in French here )

November 4, 2014

Following the publication on Monday of an op-ed by French Minister of Finance Michel Sapin on the minimalist position of France for the European financial transactions tax (FTTi), and the proposal of the President of the Socialist group at the National Assembly to kill innovative financing for development by ending the airline tax), civil society organisations respond.

The cards are on the table. Finally. In an op-ed published yesterday afternoon in media outlet Les Echosii, you admitted that France supports an European FTT on the cheap, that would exempt transactions on derivatives, recognized as the most speculative transactions.

For us, civil society organisations that have been actively involved in the FT...

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