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As we start thinking about the next replenishment of the Global Fund, many of you might be hoping to make use of the GFAN Speakers Bureau.  It remains unclear when international travel may open up again, and some are struggling with how to make use of the Speakers Bureau in a virtual environment.  While typical panel discussions can work well, there is also a sense of “Zoom fatigue” and that panel format.  In light of this, we wanted to share a successful example of online advocacy using the GFAN Speakers Bureau with a more unique format.  

I am hoping to collect and share other good ideas on virtual meetings and advocacy with Parliamentarians.  Please do share any ideas you might have! 

The event that took place included 3 speakers, 3 members of the European Parliament, a Global Fund Secretariat Staff person and 3 Brussels-based CS staff.  The call was about 90 minute long.  Parliamentarians were ...

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