Robin Hood Campaign: European Day of Action & Update |

On December 8th 2014, advocates in several European countries coordinated a Day of Action for the Robin Hood Tax campaign. Each country staged outdoor events to encourage European leaders to support a Europe-wide financial transaction tax.

Projection on Germany Chancellory
(© Mike Auerbach). On the European Day of Action, the German Campaign (Steuer Gegen Armut) asks Angela Merkel whether she will take the sides of the banks or citizens.

Sending a message in Spain
(© Guillermo Gumiel). A projection on the Spanish Parliament building. Where Europe’s leaders stand on the FTT: Behind bankers? Or citizens?

Projection in Paris
(© Charles Germaneau). Before European finance ministers meet tomorrow, the French campaign have projected a message on their national stock exchange. Targeted at President Francois Hollande, we want to know if he’ll back an FTT for people and planet, or a tax written by the bankers?

What has happened to negotiations on December 9th?

  • The 11 EU governments that are negotiating the world’s first regional FTT missed an end of 2014 deadline to agree on the design of the tax.
  • The main roadblocks were differences between those that wish to limit the tax and those that support a broader base. Germany and several other governments have advocated strongly for a broad-based tax, while France has pushed for a more limited model.
  • Thanks to the work of French activists (including GFAN member Coalition Plus) and broad media coverage, there is now some movement on the French side – the French president said he wants to consider for a broad FTT and will look to reopen negotiations.

There is still hope we can get a broad based tax!

What happens next?

  • French civil society advocates will be meeting soon with the French Minister of Finance.
  • European FTT advocates will be meeting on January 29th to consider their messaging and next steps. A date for national actions and decisions on how to communicate the Million Strong petition will be set at the meeting.
  • The next ECOFIN meeting including the FTT on the agenda will take place on March 10th; this is a likely time for final decisions to be made.
  • The next few months will be a crucial time to build on this positive momentum and hold the leaders to account.

How can you help?

  • We need an FTT dedicated to development and the Global Fund! France, Spain, Belgium and Germany show encouraging signs that they could support a significant allocation of the revenues to development, including global health. We need to push the heads of state of these countries and Italy, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia and Greece, to jointly allocate a share of the EU FTT to development and the fight against killer pandemics.
  • Want to help out? Mobilize champions in your countries? Get in touch with Alix or Sophie at Coalition Plus at or