Transitions from donor funding to domestic reliance for HIV responses |

Publisher: AidspanAPMGlobal Health

This report by Aidspan and APMGlobal Health provides recommendations for countries transitioning from Global Fund and other funding partner support. The authors suggest that transitions need to be based on three sets of principles: (1) transparency and predictability; (2) good practice; and (3) human rights. The section on transparency and predictability describes the need for systematic transition criteria, publicly available transition schedules, and coordinated donor decisions. In the section on good practice, the paper explains the need for adequate time, high-level country commitment, country ownership of the process, and built-in monitoring and evaluation. The section on human rights discusses how transitions can protect and promote human rights by maintaining and expanding access to essential HIV services for key populations. This is done through creating funding mechanisms for NGOs and increasing the capacity of NGOs; obtaining high-level political commitment to providing the services; improving the in-country capacity for advocacy; and ensuring funding for policy, security, and criminal justice reform.