TB HLM Community Consultation Matrix |

This document has been produced by ICCS/GFAN with the Affected Communities and Civil Society Advisory Panel to the High Level Meeting (HLM) on TB to summarize needs and priorities in addressing TB identified by civil society (CS) organizations involved in implementing TB programming and advocating for the rights of people living with and affected by TB and marginalized and underserved populations in the TB response. The information for this summary report was gathered through three online surveys, a moderated discussion forum, and regional in-person consultations. This represents a third version up to date as of April 25th 2018 – and will be periodically updated between now and the HLM in September. The online surveys opened on February 20 and closed April 23, 2018, and considered the following topics: 1) Target Setting (Financial Targets; R&D; Case Detection; TB/HIV Treatment); 2) Community Rights and Gender and Human Rights; and 3) Accountability. An online discussion forum was also open for the same time period to allow in-depth discussion of issues considered in the surveys. Observations and recommendations from regional consultations hosted by Stop TB and the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) in Panama, Minsk, and Bangkok are also noted.

The intention in preparing this summary is to ensure that the rich and diverse comments from CS are documented and available to the TB community to support their lobbying and advocacy efforts leading up to the UN HLM on TB in New York on September 26. To be meaningful, the UN Declaration on TB adopted at the HLM must address the challenges faced every day by affected communities.

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