“Most Impacted, Least Served”: Ensuring Engagement of Transgender People in Global Fund Processes |

Publisher: The Global Forum on MSM & HIV

For over a decade, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (Global Fund) has been one of the world’s largest donors in the HIV epidemic. Due in part to the community activism of key affected populations (KAPs), including transgender women, the Global Fund has established processes for engaging local civil society and KAPs groups under its New Funding Model (NFM). Through engagement with processes such as country dialogue, including the work of Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs), transgender activists and organizations have helped to increase funding and programmatic focus on transgender needs related to HIV prevention and treatment.

However, extensive barriers remain to sufficiently addressing transgender needs in the HIV epidemic, and little work has been done to document good practices for engaging key donors such as the Global Fund. This report, commissioned by the IRGT: A Global Network of Transgender Women and HIV, examines relevant literature and identifies key themes through semi-structured interviews with transgender community activists, civil society organization (CSO) representatives, and officials from the Global Fund and other major HIV donors.