ICW & Women4GF Position Statement: Community Systems Strengthening in the Global Fund Strategy 2017-2021 |

Publisher:International Community of Women living with HIV

There is an urgent need to ensure resources are invested strategically to support interventions and populations that yield the highest impact and progress on HIV, TB and malaria. Over the last three decades, community-based responses have been a prominent feature of the health response. The investments towards the engagement and participation of communities – shaping and driving the response has led to many gains – including leveraging ‘lived experience’ and an understanding of what does/does not work for women in communities. Communities of people living with and/or affected by HIV, TB and malaria have delivered effective services that reach marginalised and hidden populations. These gains cannot be lost and should be accelerated for great impact, for increased investments need to be made in programmes and interventions that have a link to effectiveness of communities responses, especially amongst groups and communities of women and girls.

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