Global Fund Partnership Forum: Consultation Report e-Forum |

Publisher: The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

The Global Fund’s e-forum for the 2017-2021 Strategybegan on 20 April and ran over a 12-week period, through mid-July. It was moderated simultaneously in four languages, English, French, Russian and Spanish. All stakeholders were invited to discuss eight high-level strategic thematic areas of the Global Fund, including several cross-cutting issues, which are as follows:

  1. Priorities and future strategic direction of the three diseases;
  2. Gender;
  3. Human Rights and Key Populations;
  4. Sustainability and Transition;
  5. Funding Model feedback;
  6. Challenging Operating Environments;
  7. Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health; and
  8. Community Systems Strengthening.

The new 2017-2021 Strategy, “Investing to End Epidemics,” is being developed in close cooperation with Global Fund partners and a wide range of stakeholders. The 2015 e-Forum has provided the opportunity for stakeholders to help shape the development of the new strategy and ensure the Global Fund’s increasing impact for the three diseases and global health. As summarized in this report, participant contributions will help define the organization’s strategic framework to most effectively fight the three diseases.