Declaration of Astana |

Publisher:  Global Conference on Primary Health Care (WHO and UNICEF)

Global Conference on Primary Health Care:
From Alma-Ata towards universal health coverage  and the Sustainable Development Goals
Astana, Kazakhstan, 25 and 26 October 2018

The Declaration Envisions: 

Governments and societies that prioritize, promote and protect people’s health and
well-being, at both population and individual levels, through strong health systems;

Primary health care and health services that are high quality, safe, comprehensive,
integrated, accessible, available and affordable for everyone and everywhere, provided
with compassion, respect and dignity by health professionals who are well-trained, skilled,
motivated and committed;

Enabling and health-conducive environments in which individuals and communities
are empowered and engaged in maintaining and enhancing their health and well-being;

Partners and stakeholders aligned in providing effective support to national health
policies, strategies and plans.