Are Women Organisations Accessing Funding for HIV/AIDS? |

Publisher: International Community of Women Living with HIV & AIDS Eastern Africa

The study has found out that to a large extent, organisations of women living with HIV and women’s rights organisations are not adequately accessing funding particularly organisations dealing with human rights and advocacy. Although a total of 1,109 billion Uganda shillings (586.6 million USD) and 1,167 billion shillings (579.7 million USD) were spent on HIV and AIDS in 2008/9 and 2009/10 respectively, increased funding nationally did not match with access by women organisations.

It was also noted that since women constitute a big proportion of Uganda’s population (50%) and that HIV prevalence is higher among women than among men, the increasing HIV prevalence and incidence rates in the country imply an increasing impact of the epidemic on women. This can be partly associated with disproportionate allocation of resources to women.