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Women Deliver starts today in Copenhagen. To support the Global Fund’s voice and message during the conference, partners have put together some social media materials for you to share over the next few days.

An interactive map illustrating the Global Fund’s work to advance women’s health around the world. It features country case studies and personal stories. You can also embed this onto your website with the code: <iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”800″ frameborder=”0″></iframe> Sharegraphics (below) featuring quotes and photos from advocates from the GFAN Speakers Bureau A two-page factsheet on the Global Fund and women and girls featuring quotes from GFAN speakers. If you are attending the conference, ha...
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Attendees celebrate the Dutch Postcode Lottery donation to the Global Fund

Over 60 advocates and partners were invited to attend this year’s annual GFAN strategy meeting in Amsterdam from 26-28 January 2016. Representatives were present from key donor country advocacy organizations, including grantees of the New Venture Fund for Global Fund Advocacy, GFAN’s Steering Committee, GFAN’s regional hubs in Africa and Asia-Pacific, Global Fund Board civil society delegations, grantors and the Global Fund Secretariat and its technical partners.

During the first day of this three day meeting, discussions focused on the recent global plans and strategies for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, including their impact on the Global Fund replenishment, and the highlights of and how to use the Global Fund’s Investment Case. Christoph Benn, Director of External Affairs at the Global Fund, presented the top-line messages from the Investment Case replenishment target and provi...

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“I am living evidence that the Global Fund saves lives and that ending epidemics is a reality.” (c) Rob Tannenbaum/Global Fund

With the launch of its 2015 Results Report, the Global Fund 5th replenishment campaign has now officially begun. The GFAN Speakers Bureau has also started to organize advocacy tours with GFAN partners to help convince decision-makers in various countries of the the need to support the important role the Global Fund has in ending the AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria epidemics.

Our speaker, Maurine Murenga , recently took part in a whirlwind tour to New York, Berlin and London.

In New York during the SDG Summit, Maurine shared the stage at the UN with the leaders of Japan, Liberia and Thailand as well as leaders of UN agencies and Global Fund partners. At the session, entitled The Path Towards Universal Health Coverage: The promotion of equitable global health and human security...

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After years of discussions, the new Sustainable Development Goals will be adopted in a matter of days. This renewal of global commitments has invigorated debates and offered an opportunity to evaluate how far we’ve come. Thanks in part to the investments channelled by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria , progress has been made for MDGs 4 (reduce child mortality), 5 (improve maternal health) and 6 (combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases). The Global Fund, along with other pooled finance mechanisms, is seen as one of the great successes of the MDGs because of its impact on health – this is why we need to ensure that the Global Fund remains a key and strong player when we start work on the SDGs.

GFAN is also renewing its work in 2015. Organizations in our network may remember Maurine , a women and girls HIV advocate from Kenya and one of our Here I Am Ambassadors during the last Global Fund replenishment campaign. These ...

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GFAN Meeting – 5th Replenishment Strategy
Leeuwenhorst, the Netherlands
May 20-21, 2015

In May, the GFAN Secretariat brought together a small group of GFAN members including the GFAN Steering Committee and representatives from the Global Fund Secretariat and Gates Foundation for a two-day meeting to discuss key policies and issues and campaigning for the Global Fund replenishment resource mobilization strategy. The aim was to begin to identify mechanisms, tools and resources needed to mobilize, communicate and coordinate among the GFAN community and that would help us move forward with a plan.

As Joanne Carter, GFAN’s Steering Committee chair, said in her opening thoughts to the meeting, “Many folks have said that this will be a difficult replenishment, but when we look back to where we were a dozen years ago, we know we’ve faced bigger challenges previously, when we were f...

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