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The biannual AIDS conference is an important event in our advocate community.  Everyone who attends has a different experience and comes away from the conference with a different perspective.  We asked some of our GFAN speakers who attended the conference to share their thoughts and experiences. 




Timur Abdullaev, Anton Basenko, Erika Castellanos, Serge Douomong Yotta, Maurine Murenga, and Resty Nalwanga all answered 6 questions and we are sharing their responses below.






Question 1:

How many days were you at the AIDS 2018 conference? Did you attend any meetings before the conference?

The number of days spent at the conference varied between 5 and 8 with several speakers also attending meetings before the conferen...

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Each champion in our GFAN Speakers Bureau dedicates themselves in their work to advocating for the health of their respective communities. For some, this focus developed as a result of personally contracting HIV and/or tuberculosis; for a few of our champions, however, it was a result of seeing how the three epidemics affected the communities in which they are a part of.

Mirriam Banda Chisamba is the primary health care provider, midwife, nurse, administrator, counsellor and health champion to 15,000 people in her region in eastern Zambia at Kafumbwe Rural Health Centre, 600km from the capital, Lusaka. “Malaria has caused havoc with my nation’s health. In my own career, I have memories of women and children dying of malaria on hospital beds. Some even died in the queue as they waited to be attended to by the doctor. Six years ago, I almost lost my daughter to malaria,” Mirriam remembers. “But Zambia is an amazing success story. In just a few years, we have reduced the...

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The Global Fund Advocates Network Speakers Bureau welcomes our three new tuberculosis-focused Global Fund champions who will be sharing their stories over the next few years with decision-makers around the world to advocate for Global Fund resource mobilization. The GFAN Speakers Bureau is relaunching in the coming weeks with 5 new and 5 returning champions.

With the first-ever UN High-Level Meeting on TB scheduled for 2018, TB will be a key issue on policy agendas and we expect our speakers to be active in promoting the Global Fund’s importance in the fight to end this epidemic and to bring the voices of those affected to the highest levels.

Timur Abdullaev is from Uzbekistan and works as a human rights lawyer and public health consultant. Both the machine that was used to test him for TB and his TB medication were provided by a Global Fund grant. Not long after his diagnosis, he moved into TB activism. “We are the lucky survivors. Still every year the bacteria...

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The GFAN Secretariat is proud to announce the relaunch of the Speakers Bureau, with a group of ten champions with a wide range of perspectives on populations, diseases and regions, who will work towards the Global Fund’s 6th replenishment in 2019.

GFAN created its ongoing project, the GFAN Speakers Bureau , in 2015, to help support its members in their advocacy for resource mobilization for the Global Fund. Its first group of eight members – or ‘champions’ for the Global Fund – took part in around two dozen advocacy tours across the continents and met with numerous parliamentarians, media and grassroots advocates. They attended high-level meetings, Global Fund replenishment announcements, parliamentary briefings and round-table discussions and were featured in around 100 news articles and multimedia pieces.

Our current team has five returning and five new members. Our new champions were selected from an excellent pool of candidates who appl...

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5th Replenishment Conference pledges


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Written by Anton Basenko , Alliance for Public Health & GFAN Speaker

Since I joined the GFAN Speakers Bureau in the summer of 2015, I’ve been very much looking forward to my first trip to support Global Fund advocacy. I’m from Ukraine, the country with the second biggest HIV epidemic in the Eastern Europe & Central Asia region and which is concentrated among and driven by people who inject drugs (PWID) and other key affected populations. It’s also a country with one of the highest rates of MDR-TB and TB/HIV co-infection in the world, but has the lowest rate of TB treatment in the region. Unfortunately, such important services as harm reduction programs, opioid substitution therapy, early TB detection or MDR-TB treatment are still not funded by the Ukrainian government: they are accessible exclusively because of funding and support from the Global Fund.

That’s why I was happy to be invited by STOPAIDS to attend two events in London in March wher...

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