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Le GFAN envisage ajouter deux représentants francophones à son Bureau des représentants. Nous avons une nette préférence pour les candidats issus de l’Afrique de l’ouest et de l’Afrique centrale qui disposent d’une expérience personnelle relative au paludisme et/ou qui représentent une population clé ou vulnérable de l’une des trois maladies.

Vous trouverez ci-joint tous les documents nécessaires pour la candidature :

Dossier de candidature – présente clairement les qualifications que nous cherchons, et quels documents soumettre pour examen ; Note d’informations – présentation du Bureau des représentants à titre d’informations ; Exemplaire du mémorandum d’entente que tous les Représentants signeront comme informations de base.

Tout candidat sélectionné doit être disponible pour...

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GFAN welcomes back five returning champions to our Speakers Bureau for 2017-2018: Clara Banya , Anton Basenko , Erika Castellanos , Loyce Maturu and Maurine Murenga .

Through the past two years, our champions have had the opportunity to develop their confidence in public speaking and to better understand advocacy in donor countries through Speakers Bureau tours. Some of them have also taken on new and challenging advocacy work on boards and in advisory roles. “I have always felt empowered in participating in these events through the Speakers Bureau. Each and every time has been different and unique,” Clara shares. “I have always been nervous but having much time to prepare and practice has helped to bring confidence in me. I’ve learned that government officials and decision-makers love to hear the positive impacts that their contribution to the Global Fund has had.” Recently, Clara was asked to be a part of another group of public speakers focused on children and HI...

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At the beginning of October, five of our GFAN Speakers had the opportunity to take part in public speaking and media skills training for tuberculosis and Global Fund advocates.

The intensive training included participatory exercises on media engagement, interview techniques, message development & delivery and social media. ACTION has been holding this type of training for 10 years and this is the first time GFAN has officially partnered with the organization to engage replenishment advocates.

The goal of the trainings is to increase the number of influential spokespeople who can successfully raise awareness and support for their respective issues. Each training also aims to provide a focus on a theme, such as nutrition, maternal and child health and others depending on upcoming international advocacy needs that require strong messengers to support positive outcomes.

The feedback from our speakers was resoundingly positive ̵...

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A portrait of Serge draped in the Rainbow flag at the Affirmative Action offices in Yaounde, Cameroon

Serge Douomon Yota is one of 11 Speakers that make up the GFAN Speakers Bureau .  Speakers are advocates who are committed to sharing the message to fund the Global Fund.  We believe that people who have seen the impact of the Global Fund in their lives are the most impactful spokespeople for the Global Fund. Each month we will be showcasing a different speaker and their work. 

To see Serge’s bio and photo story visit:

To better get to know Serge and learn more about the work he does in Cameroon and in his travels, we asked him 5 question...

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We are very pleased to announce that this year we have introduced two new Francophone Speakers to our Speakers Bureau, Marie Solange Ngoueko from Cameroon and Rachel Boyindjy from Togo.

French is available here .

Marie Solange Ngoueko

Marie Solange Ngoueko

Marie Solange is a mother of seven children and lives with her family in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon. When she first moved to Yaoundé, all members of her household averaged three episodes of malaria each year and had no long lasting insecticidal nets. Marie Solange has been working for over eight years in community development with a focus o...

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The GFAN Speakers Bureau features advocates who have seen the impact of the Global Fund in their lives.  Speakers share the message of the importance of the Global Fund and are active advocates in their own communities for prevention, treatment and/or care for one or more of the three diseases.

In April Loyce Maturu visited Canada to speak with advocates, supporters and Members of Parliament.  She shared her message on the Global Fund and actively advocated for an increased pledge for the Global Fund from Canada. She also had an opportunity to testify before the House of Commons Finance Committee along side Françoise Vanni, Director of External Relations for the Global Fund and share her story. 

I visited Canada to build momentum, and to advocate by sharing the impact of the Global Fund so as to encourage Canada to continue investing within the Global Fun...

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