Meet Miranda! |

I am Miranda Ekema Ndolo, I’m 25 years old and a nurse and youth activist. I have an amazing husband and lovely son who rock my world. I’m very passionate about health systems, services and policies and I have a particular interest working with communities especially communities that are dominated by adolescent girls and young women living with HIV. My work as an activist cuts across HIV, TB, and Malaria.

The Global Fund has given me a voice through the HER Voice Fund; to contribute to the SRHR and needs of AGYW and to lead community based responses to HIV on a Global scale.

Thanks to the Global Fund, Cameroon has been able to put in place programs meant to address barriers to HIV/ TB and Malaria services and also organize training for health care workers on human rights and medical ethics.

I am an advocate because I’m passionate about speaking and advocating about issues relating to HIV, SRHR, Tuberculosis and especially Malaria because I have been hit by malaria severely and when I was 11, I almost lost my life to Malaria while at school.

The prevalence of Malaria is very high in my community and children just as adults have lost their lives to this epidemic; which is why I consider my advocacy as an essential component in the effective control and eradication of this epidemic.

Moreover, I am excited about the prospect of being a GFAN Speaker. My hope is that my advocacy will support and contribute to the long-term political and financial commitment necessary for HIV, TB, and Malaria elimination.

Being a GFAN Speaker means a lot to me, I feel content that I am contributing to move the elimination of HIV, TB, and Malaria agenda forward, and support advocacy for implementation of elimination strategies at global and national levels.