Meet Aaron |

Aaron speaking at a Global Fund Board Meeting.

Hello! My name is Aaron Sunday and I am a 27 year old public health specialist, global influential civic leader, public speaker, AVAC 2021 Falobi award-winning advocate, and researcher. 

As a young person living with HIV and a survivor of TB in Kaduna State, Nigeria, the Global Fund has had a profound effect on many different aspects of my life.  As someone who has survived TB, I am grateful to the Global Fund because without it, I think I would have joined one of the many people that would have been counted as those that have died from TB.

Also, thanks to the Global Fund, I have continued access to lifesaving ART, as well as a range of health services through facilities that they support. In my professional life, the Global Fund provided Technical Assistance funding to my organization (– ANAYD which we used to train over 450 adolescents in the Global Fund’s processes, thus enabling them to engage in Nigeria’s Global Fund process for the very first time.

Nigeria is one of the Global Fund’s largest recipient countries. In 2019 alone over 120,000 people were treated for TB, and nearly 2 million people with HIV were screened for TB.

Thanks to the Global Fund, over 1.8 million people living with HIV in Nigeria have continued access to treatment and care, and the health system has been strengthened to be better able to respond to the needs of the communities, and there is a more active base of civil society who are actively involved in decision-making processes.

I am very excited to be joining GFAN’s Speakers Bureau. I know that it will provide me with a platform to continually advance both my leadership and advocate roles, enhance my public speaking skills, and strengthen my strategic networking as I continue to advocate for and work with adolescents, young people, and other community members at the regional, national, and global level.

I hope to meet you all very soon as we continue our advocacy together!