Invest to End the Epidemics

Money matters and we do not have enough to firmly get us back on track to end the three epidemics by 2030. We must build on the impressive commitments made in Lyon and raise more to get back on track.

The US$ 14 billion ask – was always an ambitious target – but, is, in reality, the minimum needed. GFAN has long been clear – to truly Step up the Fight and get us Back on Track towards our sustainable development goals of eliminating the 3 diseases by 2030 – an investment of at least US$ 18 billion in the Global Fund is critical. 

In two simple steps you can support the call for increased investment in the Global Fund:

Step 1: share with us how you think another US$ 4 billion could be used in the fight eliminate the 3 diseases

How would you invest another US $4 billion?

Comment investiriez-vous quatre milliards de dollars américains supplémentaires?

Step 2: share our campaign using the resources below