in conversation with Joyce Ouma |

Joyce Ouma is a GFAN Speaker from Kenya. Below is virtual conversation with Joyce, who joined the GFAN Speakers Bureau this year.

To learn more about GFAN’s Speakers Bureau & how Speakers can be a part of your Global Fund advocacy visit our Speakers Page.

Tell us a little bit about yourself …
I am a 24-year-old young woman who is passionate about the institutionalization of the engagement of young people in all platforms.

How has The Global Fund affected you personally?
The Global Fund has procured life long medication for me and other people living with HIV across the globe.

How has The Global Fund affected Kenya?
Kenya is a developing country and the Global Fund has helped it in taking care of the country’s health needs in HIV/TB and malaria.

Why are you an advocate? Why are the issues you advocate for important to you personally?

My advocacy is driven by my passion and experience as a young person with HIV. The issues of advocacy are close to my heart as they bring change in the surrounding environment and in policies and guidelines.

Can you describe the effect you hope to have with your advocacy?
I hope for a world with enough resources required in the response of the three diseases.

What does being a GFAN Speaker mean to you?
Being a GFAN speaker gives me an opportunity to raise money for the Global Fund. It gives me access to seasoned advocates and platforms that will take my advocacy agenda forward.