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The impact of COVID-19 on TB service delivery has already been devastating and threatens to worsen. New TB case notifications in some areas have dropped by up to 75%, which means we risk falling far behind on finding the 3 million people with TB who are “missed” each year. If we do not combine our efforts to fight both TB and COVID-19 together, we will undoubtedly lose years of progress.

The Global Fund is providing guidance, tools and immediate funding of more than US$1 billion to help countries fight COVID-19, mitigate the impacts on lifesaving HIV, TB and malaria programs, and prevent fragile health systems from being overwhelmed, but they need more – $5 billion more.

This World TB Day urge your governments to ensure The Global Fund can protect all its hard-fought progress by increasing investments to meet their $5 billion goal.

WTBD Tools:

GFAN will be launching new content each week of March leading up to World TB Day that all partners are encouraged to use and share. Every Monday GFAN will post a graphic featuring one of our new Speakers – we ask that partners follow the schedule and wait until the appropriate week to share each graphic.

We have included the Speakers’ social media handles so you can tag them in your posts and – as always! – please also be sure to tag GFAN and use #UniteToFight and #WorldTBDay.

Week of March 1

Meet Ani!

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Sample captions/posts:

“As a pregnant woman with TB, my experience was unique compared to most TB patients  – but telling my story is important to help show the need for increased support and investment in TB responses, and especially in The Global Fund.” #UniteToFight #WorldTBDay

In @Ani Herna Sari’s home country of Indonesia, TB case notifications have fallen significantly since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We must all #UniteToFight in support of The Global Fund and not lose years of hard-fought progress. Read her story: #UniteToFight #WorldTBDay

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Week of March 8

Meet Naomi!

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Sample captions/posts:

“It is my fervent belief that I must explore all avenues of awareness creation on matters of TB and that highlighting my plight as a health worker affected by TB uniquely positions me to inspire others, across all levels of society, to do more to help end TB.” #UniteToFight #WorldTBDay

As both a nurse and extrapulmonary TB survivor, @Naomi Wanjiru knows all about the needs of both patients and frontline workers alike, and how important it is to keep everyone safe in the midst of a pandemic. Read her story: #UniteToFight #WorldTBDay

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Week of March 15

Meet Olya!

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Sample captions/posts:

“I speak openly about my experience in order to help other people affected by TB in Ukraine gain confidence in their right to health and human dignity.” #UniteToFight #WorldTBDay

Since recovering from TB in 2016, @Olya Klymenko has dedicated her life to changing the way TB patients are treated in Ukraine and ensuring that everyone seeking treatment is aware of their rights. Read her story: #UniteToFight #WorldTBDay

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BLOG Post from Aaron:  As someone who has survived TB, I am grateful to the Global Fund because without it, I think I would have joined one of the many people that would have been counted as those that have died from TB.

Week of March 22

Meet Handaa!

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Sample captions/posts:

“I hope that people who are battling TB or other stigmatized diseases and challenges feel empowered to raise their voices and join me in the fight to break the silence and remove stigma together.” #UniteToFight #WorldTBDay

In many countries around the world – including Handaa’s native Mongolia – TB remains a highly stigmatized disease, which is why when she was diagnosed with TB as a teenager, Handaa was encouraged to hide her disease for fear for discrimination, especially as a young girl from a low-income community. Read her story:

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Keep an eye out this week for our launch of a World TB Day video featuring some of our Speakers!

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