GFAN’s report back from the Global Fund’s 38th Board Meeting |

The Global Fund held its 38th Board Meeting from 14-15 November 2017 in Geneva. GFAN was invited as a Guest of the Chair to the board meeting and to attend the meetings of the Developed Country NGO Delegation as a permanent observer. 

Key issues that were on the agenda for this Board Meeting included;

  • Selection of the new Executive Director of the Global Fund
  • Eligibility
  • Resource Mobilisation and 6th Replenishment
  • Evolution of CCM’s
  • Loan buy-downs/Innovative Financing
  • Various operational issues: approval of operating budget, risk, fraud and corruption policy

Read GFAN’s full report from the Board meeting – this document provides an overview of the Board Meeting process, key documents and important issues, and potential advocacy opportunities for civil society.

GFAN also hosted a call on November 22nd with representatives from the Communities and both Civil Society Delegations to the Board to debrief GFAN members.