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Talking Points:

The Global Fund saves lives

  • With its partners, the Global Fund has supported and saved millions of lives: 27 million as of 2018.
  • In 2017, in countries where the Global Fund invests:
    • 197 million mosquito nets distributed
    • 108 million cases of malaria treated
    • 6 million pregnant women received preventive therapy
    • 12.5 million structures covered by indoor residual spraying
    • 213 million tests for malaria conducted
  • The Global Fund represents 57% of all international financing for malaria programs and international assistance represents 69% of all spending on malaria in low and middle-income countries
  • It has a strong record of achieving effective and accountable results with donor funding, making it one of the smartest investments that can be made in global health.

The Global Fund will be key to Get Back on Track in our efforts to fight Malaria

  • Troubling signs indicate that the worlds response to Malaria has lost momentum putting at risk the progress made during the past decade, with tragic costs to people’s lives, economies, health security and sustainable development
  • A child still dies every 2 minutes from malaria
  • Sources show that while deaths related to malaria have continued to decrease, the number of malaria cases is once again on the rise after a decade of declining rates: nearly half of the world’s population (3.2 billion people) are at risk of malaria
  • Insecticide and drug resistance, access to medicines, stagnant funding and insufficient reach to vulnerable populations such as children, mobile and migrant populations, people in humanitarian crises and those in rural and isolated communities are among the key areas that threaten our ability to reach the SDG 2030 goals as they relate to malaria
  • Community-led and community-based programs are severely under-resourced even though communities are crucial actors in promoting and supporting health
  • The Global Fund’s Investment Case shows that with the $US 14 billion, with its partners the Global Fund could (from 2017-2023):
    • Reduce:
      • malaria cases by 25% from 218 million to 162 million
      • malaria deaths by 43%, from 424,000 to 248,000
      • incidence and mortality rates by 34% and 49% respectively
    • Distribute 1.7 billion mosquito nets
    • Treat 545 million malaria cases through public sector systems
    • Eliminate malaria from an additional five countries between 2017 and 2023
  • Even with these potential gains with a $US14 billion replenishment, we know that even more investment is needed to get back on track with the trajectory towards the 2030 goals. Calculations show that every US$100 million invested in Global Fund-supported programs will:
    • Create US$1.8 billion in economic returns through health gains, and;
    • Distribute 5.3 million mosquito nets to protect children and families from malaria, and;
    • Provide indoor residual spraying for 565,000 households to protect children and families from malaria.


Mirriam’s Story: Learn more about Mirriam’s role as a health care worker in Zambia and the impact of Malaria and the Global Fund on her work.  

Spotlight on Malaria: A resource document highlighting the need to Get Back on Track to end the epidemic of Malaria.

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Learn about Mirriam’s role in the fight against Malaria as a healthcare worker in Zambia and the importance of @GlobalFund support: #GetBackonTrack  #StepUptheFight #EndMalaria #MalariaMustDie

Every US$100 million invested in the @GlobalFund equals 5.3 million more mosquito nets to protect families and indoor spraying for 565, 000 households.   We need to #IncreasetheFund and #GetBackonTrack to #EndMalaria !   

The @GlobalFund has a history of doing extraordinary work: few investments have had the same impact in saving lives, preventing infections & creating resilient health systems.  #MalariaMustDie & we need strong commitments to the Global Fund to #StepUptheFight  & #EndtheEpidemics

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@gfadvocates @globalfund #GetBackonTrack #EndtheEpidemics #StepUptheFight #IncreasetheFund #EndMalaria #MalariaMustDie


Zero Malaria Starts with Me Campaign

Support the ‘Zero Malaria Starts with Me’ campaign from the RBM Partnership to End Malaria. 

Use the following hashtags and social media handles:

  • #ZeroMalariaStartswithMe / #ZéroPalu
  • #endmalaria
  • #worldmalariaday
  • #StepUpTheFight / #AccélérerLeMouvement

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Malaria Must Die Campaign

Support the Malaria Must Die ‘Power of the Voice’ campaign from Malaria No More

You can sign on to their petition:  /   and share the film with David Beckham:

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