GFAN Speaks with Mark Dybul on “The Changing Landscape and Implications for the Global Fund” |

On Friday, January 6th, Global Fund Executive Director Dr. Mark Dybul joined GFAN for its first call of 2015 to provide an overview of the presentation he shared at Global Fund Board retreat and meeting in Montreux in November 2014.

It provides a high level perspective on key challenges and opportunities in global health (and for the Global Fund), addresses some of the recent Global Fund innovations and explains work underway regarding the Development Continuum.

Shared knowledge and understanding of these topics is highly relevant for the advocacy work ahead of us in the context of the first Replenishment process meeting in 2015 and the subsequent pledging meeting in 2016.

Mark Dybul’s presentation and discussion set a useful foundation for the work ahead and we appreciate the time he took to share his views with us.

Attached are two versions of the slide presentation and supplemental notes. Slide references in the notes refer to the document entitled “GFAN version” which was used during the call; an additional version is attached for your reference which includes some variations and additions.

GFAN Call Notes
GFAN presentation version
Supplemental presentation version