GFAN Pledge Tracker

Find below our up-to-date tally of Pledges for the Global Fund Replenishment, and a break-down of the Private Sector contributions.

Note that in the case of pledges made in a currency other than US dollars, we convert into US dollar on the basis of going rate on the day of the pledge. We include all pledges officially announced, even if there are further domestic steps to confirming the pledge. 

Column chart showing the progress of current replenishement against the last one. Currently, the US and German contribution add up to about seven billion, against 14 billion in total last time


The detail pledges can be found in the table below for the seventh replenishment:

Estimate of Current Pledges for the 7th Replenishment


  • The increase in pledge is calculated based on the converted USD value (last updated on July 14). With current trends in exchange rates, this tends to decrease apparent increase for European donors (Sweden, Luxembourg and Germany).
  • To make reading the chart easier we have grouped pledges of smaller donors in the “Other” category, which contains pledges from both public and private donors. For details pledges for the 6th Replenishment, they can be found on the Global Fund Secretariat‘s website. 
  • The figure indicated for the Private Sector includes matched funds provided by BMGF

Private Sector Contributions

As the 7th Replenishment is the most ambitious ever, renewed and expanded support from the private sector is essential to success. In our Private Sector Brief, we have put out a challenge to the private sector: for all foundations and companies other than the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation to  pledge over $742 million in total for the 7th Replenishment – representing a doubling of Private Sector investment (exclusive of BMGF) from the 6th Replenishment. 


The breakdown of private sector contributions can be found in the table below: