GFAN is now hosted at JLI |

Dear GFAN Family,

As you know, in December 2020, GFAN launched a Request for Proposals process to help us find a new host organization. With support from an Interim Advisory Committee struck of GFAN’s members and partners, we reviewed several excellent proposals.

In late February, the Interim Advisory Committee provided a greenlight to pursue one organization. After working together and with the GFAN Steering Committee to sign a Memorandum of Understanding, we want to share with you the exciting news that GFAN has found a permanent home at the Joep Lange Institute (JLI). 

JLI is an independent institute that promotes and facilitates innovative solutions to strengthen systems for health and health financing. Seeking to accelerate human development, they advocate for potential mobile technologies and data that can contribute to providing better health coverage. They also spark debate by challenging conventional thinking and finding innovative new solutions for more inclusive global health. JLI strives to be a trusted partner that influences policy and shapes the future of health.

Some familiar faces to many in the GFAN family return to the fold such as JLI Board Member Peter van Rooijen and Christoph Benn who serves as the JLI Director of Global Health Diplomacy. JLI leads many discussions that GFAN and its members have been key partners in for many years, including:

Peter van Rooijen, at the last GFAN Global meeting held in Amsterdam, March 2020
Christoph Benn at the last GFAN Global meeting held in Amsterdam in March 2020.
  • At AIDS 2018, which resulted in the ongoing work on methods to increase funding to support national-level advocacy by civil society under the leadership of Allan Maleche of KELIN in Kenya and Marja Esveld of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs which dovetails nicely with GFAN’s long-standing work to support advocates including our 2019 publication of a framework for Civil Society Advocacy for sustainable financing for health.
  • Supporting the Global Fund Partnership, including the Communities and 2 Civil Society Delegations to the Global Fund Board delegations in an effort to get New Digital Technologies on the agenda of the Global Fund which in particular, GFAN has supported members to discuss this and other issues as part of the on-going strategy development process.
  • Supporting the establishment of Global Public Investment (GPI) as a new and innovative mechanism to finance global public goods. This initiative received significant attention in 2020 because of the Covid-19 crisis and the huge resource needs to finance the global response. Since 2017, GFAN has worked on concepts and narratives to shift the focus of our understanding of Official Development Assistance as part of our broader objectives to Increase global financing for health.

“We’re very happy that GFAN is joining JLI on a permanent basis. Given our combined history, I’m confident this is the right home to support their ambition to build a global social movement to demand health for all.”

~ Peter van Rooijen, Board Member Joep Lange Institute.

The GFAN Secretariat has been working with JLI over the past few months to ensure a smooth transition and we look forward to working with our new colleagues and reinforcing the work of GFAN.  We hope that this next chapter for GFAN, on its 10th anniversary, will strengthen GFAN’s efforts in ensuring that the voices of Communities and Civil Society are heard, acted upon, and strengthened. 

A report from the process will be available in the coming weeks.

Thank you to everyone in the GFAN family for your support, patience, and kind words over the past year during this transition process. We look forward to working with you and bolstering our continued efforts for an effective and fully funded Global Fund and health for all.


Katy Kydd Wright, Director

Tara Hogeterp, Communications and Operations

Sive Stofile, Grants and Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation