GFAN Call: Update on the Equitable Access Initiative |

GFAN hosted a call on 2 July 2015 to update advocates on the Equitable Access Initiative, a “think body” launched in February 2015 with multiple co-convening partners including the Global Fund. The main role of the EAI is to look at the World Bank country classification system that is currently based on Gross National Income and think about what might or could replace it in the context of classifying countries by health indicators. For all documents and the most-up-to date details on the EAI, please visit the Global Fund’s dedicated webpage.

Currently, the challenge is to create the scope of the framework and the EAI is looking to analytical groups to develop a framework in which indicators are replicable and relevant. These indicators will be finalized over the coming weeks and there will be potentially many more than listed in the presentation materials. The EAI’s work will be completed in November.

Throughout the next several months, the EAI will attempt to convene several consultations for feedback, including with civil society. GFAN will post details when they are confirmed.

Download the call notes for more in-depth details and Dominik Zotti’s presentation.


  • Dominik Zotti, Senior Advisor, Office of the Executive Director of the Global Fund working on cross-Secretariat Initiatives including the EAI
  • Brook K. Baker, Health GAP (Global Access Project) & Northeastern U. School of Law, Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy