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Global Fund Advocates Network Asia-Pacific (GFAN AP) launched the #HeroesGiveMore campaign in August 2019 – the last push from communities and civil society in Asia-Pacific towards the public, private sector, and private foundations donors of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund) for increased pledges for the Sixth Replenishment of the Global Fund. The campaign was launched at an event co-organized by GFAN AP, APCASO and Asia Pacific Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (APN+) and hosted by the Embassy of Canada under the auspices of Ambassador H.E. Donica Pottie in Bangkok, Thailand on 15th of August 2019 just prior to the increased pledge by the Canadian Government and snowball of pledges by other European Donors at the G7 Summit on 24-26 of August 2019. 

Following the #LoveMoreGiveMore campaign, a Saint Valentine’s Day oriented mobilization effort launched by GFAN AP in February 2019, the #HeroesGiveMore campaign targets Heads of Sates, Ministers of Health or Foreign Affairs, Heads of private sector and private foundations with letters and packages of collaterals appreciating their contributions to the Global Fund so far and calling them to increase their pledges to the Sixth Replenishment of the Global Fund to step up the fight against AIDS, TB and Malaria in to order to get back on track the three responses to achieve the 2030 targets. 

#HeroesGiveMore whilst targeting the Heads of States, Private Sector and Foundations as Global Fund heroes, also acknowledges the local heroes from communities and civil society on the ground that are making the difference and ensuring that we hold governments and decision makers accountable while making implementation more effective for the three diseases and in health. 

GFAN AP joined hands with Global Funds Advocates Network Africa (GFAN Africa) and the Global Network of Civil Society for Malaria Elimination (CS4ME) in reaching out to the Heads of States and Ministers of Health in the African Region – calling for African States to take concrete steps towards fulfilling the commitment of the Abuja declaration on allocating at least 15% of the annual national budget to improve the health sector and for African countries to step up their Domestic Financing for health and the three diseases. An event was also co-organized by GFAN AP and GFAN Africa with the CCM of Senegal and Implementer Voting Group of the Board of the Global Fund on the 12th of September 2019, hosted by the Embassy of the French Republic to the Republic of Senegal in support of the Global Fund Sixth Replenishment where the Minister of Health of Senegal reiterated the commitment of Senegal towards the Global Fund and announced it would pledge again for the Sixth Replenishment. 

Despite significant developments, communities living with, vulnerable to and affected by the three disease in Asia-Pacific still face grave challenges in accessing prevention, treatment, care and support for the three diseases. Resulting from the increasing conservatism and existing political, legal and policy environment, the rights of key and vulnerable populations of the three diseases are constantly violated. #HeroesGiveMore aims to highlight that global heroes are needed to ensure local heroes are supported to continue the fight against the three diseases and continue funding human rights and gender equality through the Global Fund by increasing their pledges for the Global Fund Sixth Replenishment. 

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