GFAN Africa – Global Fund Day of Action for Finland |

On 31 July, GFAN Africa wrote letters to Finland’s Minister for Social Affairs and Health, Aino-Kaisa Pekonen, and Minister of Development for Cooperation and Foreign Trade, Ville Skinnari. In the letters sent to them directly as well as copies sent through Consulates and High Commissions in countries across Africa, GFAN Africa acknowledged Finland’s support of the Global Fund since 2002.

Finland and the Global Fund

In 2002, Finland joined hands with other governments, the private sector, civil society, and people affected by HIV, TB, and Malaria to form the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

Finland has been a strong supporter of the Global Fund. Since 2002, Finland has contributed €25M to support the work the Global Fund does to promote universal health coverage, maternal and newborn health, the education of women and girls, and the eradication of these three diseases.

Day of Action for Finland

In the letters sent by GFAN Africa and their advocacy partners, Finland was asked to not only renew, but increase its commitment to the global fight against HIV, TB, and Malaria. These three infections are leading global causes of premature deaths and disability. Significant increases in international funding are urgently needed if the global goal to end the three epidemics is to be met. In the letter GFAN Africa emphasized that adequate funding for the Global Fund is needed to end the pain, disempowerment, stigma, illness, and deaths resulting from HIV, TB, and Malaria.

The Global Fund is asking donors to increase their pledge by at least 15% to raise a minimum of US $14 billion. This is the minimum amount necessary to allow countries to get back on track to defeat HIV, TB, and Malaria by 2030, in line with SDG 3 on the health and well-being for all. 

The following countries joined in GFAN Africa’s Day of Action for Finland by delivering or sending letters to Embassies and Consulates of Finland: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Cameroon, Guinea, Bissau, Eswatini, Ghana, and South Africa. This was followed by Twitter and Facebook posts urging Finland to #StepUpTheFight