The UK Agenda

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The UK Government’s priorities as heard by Civil Society Advocates

Build Back Stronger: protecting people’s health and strengthening our resilience

  • Strengthening the global health system
  • Strengthening science-based pandemic preparedness
  • Harnessing the power and potential of data

Build Back Greener: tacking climate change and protecting our planet

  • Accelerating the race to net zero
  • Supporting climate financing goals
  • Deepening collaboration in green technologies
  • Championing the protection of nature
  • Supporting global goals on protecting nature
  • Supporting the development of an ambitious global biodiversity framework
  • Specific supporting actions to address drivers of biodiversity loss
  • Ocean science

Build Back Better: promoting our future democracy and championing free and fair trade

  • Creating jobs and levelling up
  • Strengthening the global trade system
  • Remaining at the forefront of the future frontiers of the global economy (digital, emerging tech, space)

Build Back Together: championing democracy

  • Promote global development and democracy
  • Supporting girls’ education
  • Food security

The UK priorities as stated on the UK’s official site:

  • leading the global recovery from coronavirus while strengthening our resilience against future pandemics
  • promoting our future prosperity by championing free and fair trade
  • tackling climate change and preserving the planet’s biodiversity
  • championing our shared values