G7 and G20 in 2021

G7 – Hosted by the United Kingdom

The UK Agenda

Joint statement of G7 Leaders | 19 February 2021

What we know:

  • The UK is inviting India, South Korea, South Africa and Australia as part of the “D11” which will be a set of meetings that are in addition to the G7 (the “D11” may issue a declaration on issues apart of the G7 communiques – this is to be determined).
  • Most Ministerial meetings will take place before the official G7 Summit, but some will take place afterwards.
  • G7 Foreign and Development Ministers’ communiqué from May 2021 Meeting
  • G7 Health Ministers’ Meeting, communique, Oxford, 4 June, 2021

Civil Society Priorities for the G7

G20 – Hosted by Italy

The Italian Agenda

What we know: 

  • The Italian Presidency and the European Commission will jointly host the G20 Global Heath Summit, to be held in Rome on the 21st of May, at the highest level, to respond to the major challenges linked to the health crisis
  • The G20 will pave the way towards the 26th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26), which will be hosted by Italy and the United Kingdom.

Civil Society Priorities for the G20

  • Finance: advance systemic macro-reforms to enhance policy and fiscal space for all countries to advance the realization of human rights, the 2030 Agenda and climate justice
  • 2030 Agenda: sustainable development as an overarching and shared responsibility of all countries, to be pursued within a framework of PCSD, both in national policy making and within legitimate multilateral fora, within the context of the global pandemic
  • Global health: universal health coverage. Health as global public good. Vulnerable people at the centre of global health strategies
  • Climate, biodiversity and ecological transition: rump up ambition and action both on Climate and Nature in order to limit global warming to 1,5°C and halt and reverse today’s catastrophic loss of nature
  • Global citizenship, education: investing in education as the main lever to affect inequalities and restore equality of opportunity
  • Anti-corruption: a dynamic, inclusive process through which the views of global civil society are meaningfully included in G20 decision-making and implementation around anti-corruption issues
  • Gender: to promote women, girls and LGBTQI+ people’s agency and their human rights by including gender equality into the G20 outcomes and initiatives and gender mainstreaming into all G20 related processes.

You can now register for Civil Society 20 Working Groups (C20) here.

The Global Health Italian Network/Network Italiano Salute Globale has put together an info-graphic on the C-20.

Sign on to an Open letter to the G7 and G20 to put forward a Global Recovery Plan for a healthy, green and just recovery