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On December 1, World AIDS Day, world leaders are gathering in Argentina for the G20 meeting.  This campaign is aimed at putting global health on the minds of these leaders as they meet.  We are calling on them to support global health by signing on to the declaration supporting a 2019 replenishment of the Global Fund. 

We are encouraging you to reach out to your G20 elected officials, champions in Parliament and those in respective Ministries or Heads of State (HoS) and call for the insertion of language supporting the Global Fund in the G20 declaration.  To find out which countries and HoS are part of the G20 please visit: 

The text that we want inserted into the G20 declaration and a form to support the declaration can be found here.



On World AIDs Day ask your government to sign on to #EndtheEpidemics and show their support for the @GlobalFund  with the lifesaving funding increase needed for such: $16-18 billion – 


@yourgovernemet on World AIDS Day we are asking you to show your support to #EndtheEpidemics of AIDS, TB and Malaria and commit to $16-18 billion in replenishment for the @GlobalFund    –

Today, on World AIDS Day we are asking @yourHoS and MoF/MoH/MoFA or Intl Development to include language into the G20 declaration making a strong commitment to Global Health and the Global Fund   –



On World AIDS Day we are asking you to show your support to #EndtheEpidemics of AIDS, TB and Malaria and commit to a successful replenishment of the @GlobalFund 

To get back on track to end the epidemics we ask you to include the following in the G20 Declaration:

We commend the progress made by the international community in developing One Health National Action Plans on Anti-Microbial Resistance. We acknowledge the political declaration of the first UN High-Level Meeting on TB and commit to delivering on the first global AMR target to treat 1.5 million people with drug resistant TB, including 115,000 children. We will tackle malnutrition, with a special focus on childhood overweight and obesity. We reaffirm the need for stronger health systems to achieve better access to health care and to improve its quality in order to reach Universal Health Coverage by 2030. We recognise the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria’s role in tackling infectious diseases and strengthening health systems, and commit to supporting its successful replenishment in 2019. We will contribute to strengthen the capacities to respond to health emergencies, especially in developing countries.

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