Erika shows her Pride in Copenhagen! |

AIDS Fondet invited GFAN Speaker Erika Castellanos to come to Copenhagen, Denmark on 13 August 2019 to participate in the commencement of Copenhagen’s Pride Week celebrations.

Erika acted as Facilitator for Aids-Fondet’s First International Debate,Act up now to end AIDS, at Copenhagen Pride. Erika was able to share her own story with the Panel and audience members before engaging in a dialogue with the group on how to break the stigma and end AIDS worldwide by 2030.

(L-R): Scott Boule, Global Fund; Rasmus Nordqvist, Member of Parliament; Andreas Gylling Æbelø, AIDS-Fondet; David Hayman, ONE Campaign

The main message that Erika wanted to bring to Copenhagen was that AIDS is not over, and the critical need for a successful 6th Replenishment of the Global Fund. Erika said that she wanted to make sure that people know the work that the Global Fund does beyond providing condoms and treatment, in particular the essential work that the Global Fund does to support human rights, especially with Key Populations, and in particular,  in settings where Key Populations are criminalized.

Thank you for the invitation AIDS Fondet. We were very happy to hear how well attended the session was. Of course, a very big thank you to Erika as well. This was a very quick trip, and we are so glad that she was able to get to Copenhagen to advocate for the Global Fund at this inaugural event.