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With US$14 billion, the Global Fund projects that, alongside projected targets for domestic resource mobilization and stable funding from all other sources, it can:

  • Help avert 234 million infections,
  • Cut the mortality rate from HIV, TB and malaria in half and save 16 million lives,
  • Build stronger health systems, reinforcing the trajectory toward universal health coverage, and,
  • Help the world get back on track to end these diseases.

US$14 billion is an important target to reach but is simply not enough for the scaled-up response that is needed and that all partners of the Global Fund should seek to raise more than the minimum US$14 billion for the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment.  At least US$18 billion is needed to fund programming to get the world back on track to end the epidemics, even this US$18 billion is modest in light of the significant resource gap identified by the Global Fund and technical partners in the Investment Case.

If you are, we can provide some easy to use materials that you can use to share your support.

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The Global Fund has a history of doing extraordinary work: few investments have had the impact that the Global Fund has in saving lives, preventing infections and creating strong and resilient health systems. This Investment Case outlines the absolute minimum of what is needed when in fact, we are at a critical moment where the minimum will not be enough to prevent us from sliding back.

To Get Back on Track we must Step Up the Fight.



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